Sustainable Acacia Wood Trinket Dish

Acacia wood is a sustainable and eco friendly material. It is a fast growing tree & can grow up to 3 feet a year, typically only living for 20 years. Harvesting acacia wood for production has a smaller impact on the environment when compared with other hardwoods that can take several decades to grow .

This all-natural wooden soap dish is varnished with natural oils which protects it from water, so you can expect this soap dish to hold up well. It has drainage holes to dry out the soap, however it can be a little tricky to clean as the base does not come apart. Something for the eco-warriors.  
Dimensions: 13cm length, 10cm depth

Please note - the colour of the soap dish may vary due to it being a natural product & photography.

Sustainable Acacia Wood Trinket Dish


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