Bamboo Longboard Skateboard 44in (Fully Assembled)
Introducing you to the skilfully crafted Two Bare Feet "The Chuck" 44in Bamboo Series Longboard Skateboard Complete (Blue Wheels)

About as classic as you can get, the Two Bare Feet Chuck 44in 2017 longboard is a surf inspired pintail intended to get you from point A to B in serious style. As part of our new collection of quality, rideable bamboo construction longboards we are very proud of this new range which delivers performance on a par with big brand boards at three or four times the price.

The Chuck is 44 inches long and 9.5 inches wide with a 33 inch wheelbase all wrapped up in a timeless shape that's perfect for cruising and carving around town and hills. With a very mild concave deck that is on the narrow side, finding a groove with the Chuck is easy and the bamboo construction offers a medium amount of flex. This gives the board a good balance between straight line speed and lovely smooth, springy turns. This also takes the rough bumps and cracks you'll encounter and smooths them down as you ride.

Undoubtedly though, the coolest part of the design is the Two Bare Feet Boarding Co hardware logo laser etched into the wood on the underside of the deck. On top you've got a retro influenced striped design covered by spray on clear grip that runs the full length of the deck, which we reckon is more aesthetically pleasing than regular black grip tape but because it is crafted from recycled glass particles, the spray grip is a smart eco-friendly application.

The Chuck is supplied pre-assembled and ready to ride with our good grip 70mm (78A) wheels and 7in aluminium trucks in raw design, as well as 3mm rectangular risers.


Length: 44in
Width: 9.5in
Wheelbase: 33in
Ply: 8
Construction: Bamboo with Maple Wood
Concave Style: Regular
Concave Depth: Mild
Rocker: Flat
Flex: Medium
Griptape: Clear Spray On
Trucks: 7in Aluminium Raw UB Reverse Kingpin
Truck Mounting: Top Mounted
Wheels: Sessions Series 70mm (78A) Super High Rebound
Bearings: ABEC7 Chrome
Riser: 3mm (0.11in) Rectagular Med
Setup: Pre-Assembled

Bamboo Longboard Skateboard 44in (Fully Assembled)


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