Treewise  100%  Recycled Newspaper Extra, Dark HB Pencils (Pack of 10)
HB-2 Pencils by Treewise

Each box includes: 10 Newspaper pencils 1 Eraser 1 Recycled plastic sharpener.

Recommended Age: Suitable for 5 years and above

Wood Free
Made From 100% Recycled Plantable Paper
Graphite Ensures Smooth Hand Writing. Thick Lead for Super Smooth Writing. 

Crafted from tight rolls of wastepaper, these pencils are as hard as any other wooden pencil. Promise of no breakage while writing and sharpening makes pencil last longer. 

These pencils are made in 1 part by paper rolling as compared to wooden pencils which are made by joining 2 parts. 

The lead in the Treewise pencil is 100% centered as compared to the traditional pencil and does not break while sharpening. The paper supports the lead while writing where as in traditional wooden pencil the uneven wood support might cause breakage while writing. 

NON-TOXIC: Made without using any toxic chemicals / Polymers / Plastic. 


Great use for all ages, Arts and Crafts, School, Home and At the office. They also make a great Eco friendly gift. 

SUSTAINABLE & ECO-FRIENDLY: These pencils are made from waste newspaper, making them completely tree-free, eco-friendly and biodegradable. Recycling 12.5 feet stack of newspapers saves a 20 foot pine tree. 

SAFE FOR KIDS: These pencils are manufactured without the use of any harsh chemicals, making them safe for little kids and toddlers. They are completely toxic-free, they can be used at schools and preschools. 

Made in India from 100% Recycled Newspaper. Eco-Friendly, Wood Free Pencils.

Product Dimensions: 23 x 4.3 x 1.5 cm

Treewise 100% Recycled Newspaper Extra, Dark HB Pencils (Pack of 10)


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