Unisex Adult/Teens Non-Medical Cotton Face Mask, Adjustable Ear Loops
Non Medical  Organic Cotton Face Covering (2 Layered) Plastic Free Adjustable Ear Loops.

Handmade in England.

*Adults/Teens Mask - Please replace the mask after a maximum of 20 washes, or if the material is damaged

One size fits most adults & teenagers. Cloth face masks don't guarantee you won't contract or pass the virus on, but they're a voluntary public health measure.

Approximate Dimensions:
Length 19-20 cm X 9cm (which opens up to 20cm to cover nose and mouth ) 

*Please note this is NOT a medical grade mask and is NOT considered PPE.

Material: 100% Cotton 

Please note: It may take time getting used to initially, as would be the case for any mask, as you learn how to breath & regulate your breath whilst having your mouth & nose covered) *Not suitable for young children or people with medical respiratory conditions - if in doubt please consult your GP before using masks

1. Wash hands throughly for at least 20 seconds or apply hand sanitiser before putting mask on & before removing mask. When wearing the covering, avoid touching your face. Don't take the covering on and off to talk to other people. When your face covering gets damp – particularly if you have been wearing it for a prolonged period – you should replace it for a new one.

To remove it, make sure you remove it from behind and do not touch the front, and clean your hands afterwards with soap and hot water. If you are out of the house, be sure to keep used face coverings in a plastic bag until they can be washed.

2. Please don’t touch the mask whilst wearing, it is for an additional precaution, not a complete solution

3. If someone has sneezed or coughed in your vicinity, or have come into contact with someone infected, please self isolate & remove mask & put in the wash. Then wash your hands & if needed use a clean mask

4. Do not wear the same mask for longer than half a day or if it becomes damp and dirty. You should use a clean/washed mask each time.Store used mask in a bag before washing & clean all surfaces where it can come in contact with

Wash instructions: Machine wash at 60 degrees centigrade, you can use detergent. *Hand wash: soak in a bowl of water, rinse out throughly, wring out excess water & allow to dry naturally.

*Warning - Please do not wear a mask if you are physically unable to put are unable remove it. Do not use mask whilst sleeping.

Machine Washable:
For best results set your machine to 60ºC without using fabric softener.

Unisex Adult/Teens Non-Medical Cotton Face Mask, Adjustable Ear Loops


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