Timo English Thyme Pictorial Packet - (Approx 1050 Seeds)
Pictorial Packet HERB THYME. English thyme is an attractive plant for the herb garden with upright stems of tiny, gray-green leaves and small pink flowers that attract bees and beneficial insects.  Thyme leaves are an important ingredient in many dishes, including poultry stuffing and fresh tomato salsa. Cut small branches, rinse under running water, then strip the leaves off the stem.  Medicinally, thyme tea has been used for coughs as a mild decongestant for centuries.

This seed is supplied in premium pictorial packets direct from Italy.

Cultivation Advice Pictorial Packet HERB THYME
Cultivation instructions provided on the packet.

Timo English Thyme Pictorial Packet - (Approx 1050 Seeds)


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