‘Totes Peachy’ Hand Dyed Shopping Bag with Long Handles (Capacity 15 Litres)
‘Totes Peachy’ Vegan Shopping Bag with Long Handles (15 Litres)

Hand dyed in England using non toxic vegan friendly plant dye. Made out of unbleached, natural cotton fabric (you can see the pretty natural seeds in the material).

Size 38cm x 42cm 
32.5cm Handles

Caring for Naturally-Dyed Fabrics

Hand wash in mild detergent and allow to air dry naturally.

This fabric has not been dyed synthetically, which means the colour will fade in time. However, there are several steps you can take to minimize this. Natural dyes are more likely to fade from using detergents, so it’s best to hand wash them if possible. This will ensure that the colour lasts for longer. If you wash your fabric in a washing machine, use a non-bleach based detergent and set the machine to a cold wash setting. Some natural dyes can also fade in the sunlight, so it’s best to keep the fabric away from the direct sun. 

*Please note the colour of the dyed fabric will vary due to being hand made.

‘Totes Peachy’ Hand Dyed Shopping Bag with Long Handles (Capacity 15 Litres)


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